About Franklin Ashe Designs

Hello! In December of 2022, I started Franklin Ashe Designs as a way of
putting new clothes in people's wardrobes all over the country. I'm not
in it for the money - I just like the thought of someone wearing
something I put out there to the world.


I don't take returns. Unfortunately, returns aren't worth the time and money of having you package it back up and ship it off. If something is wrong, please contact me at franklinashedesigns@gmail.com or through the website and I'll do what I can to make it right. Promise!

Personal Information

No personal information will leave this site, other than what is required to process payment or ship you your order. Your information will never be sold. If you'd like to have your information purged from my database, please contact me at franklinashedesigns@gmail.com or through the website, and I'll make it happen.

Shipping Information

Products are made-to-order and are shipped from Detroit, Michigan through OSM Worldwide, who is partnered with the United States Postal Service. All items are shipped with tracking. The tracking number will be provided to you in an email when your order is shipped. Average time from order to delivery, so far, has been between 5-9 business days (as of April 2023). All shipping within the continental United States is free!